Saturday, July 18, 2009

What to do with Peepholes

For standard glaze and bisque firings always leave your TOP peephole UNPLUGGED. This is very important as it allows for vapors and moisture to escape the kiln chamber. Otherwise they slip through the same holes your heating elements run through, which leads to the kilns electrical wiring, and can ultimately lead to rusty corrosion on your connections.

These peephole rules DON'T apply when firing lusters, decals, and china paints. In which case you'll want to prop your lid about 2 inches, and leave ALL the peepholes UNPLUGGED for the first half of the firing.

The only time you leave the TOP peephole PLUGGED is if you have a ventilation system attached to the bottom of your kiln. In this case your vent will need ALL those peepholes PLUGGED, so it can create an adequate pull from the top of your kiln down to the bottom.

Ventilation is quite important as inadequate ventilation can cause harm to you, your studio mates, and your kiln.

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