Sunday, November 15, 2009

Everything is MELTED!

Melted glass or clay is a fairly common blunder. I’ve seen entire kiln loads completely melted/adhered to the kiln chamber; rendering the users kiln into (what some might consider) a piece of art! You as the user must be responsible for your kiln usage and the materials you use.

Clay people:
Be fully aware of what firing temperature your clay can go to. If your not sure, make a little tray out of cone 10 clay, place a small amount of the questionable clay into the tray, and fire to the desired temperature.
Glass peeps: M
ake sure you’re around to witness the kiln firing to completion so you know it doesn’t overheat. This actually applies to clay people too.

EVERYONE should coat kiln wash on their shelves and kiln floor to be on the safe side. It's much better to rip melted chunks from your kiln with kiln wash attached rather than fire brick.

If this melting happens to you, don’t beat yourself up. Overfiring happens to MANY people. Soak it up, and remember just about anything can be fixed, unless you’ve turned your entire kiln into beautiful art.

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